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Vertical Platform Lifts for vertical shaft introduction
The Vertical Platform Lift takes safe access to the next level, providing a quiet, smooth ride to your next destination. platform are construction machines for construction work at height. They are used for cleaning. The cantilevering mechanism is erected on a building or a structure, and a lifting mechanism is used to drive the suspension platform, and the wire rope is used to run the construction facilities along the facade of the building or the structure.
Characteristic of Vertical Platform Lift
1. Climbing principle
The suspended platform climbs up along the wire rope driven by the hoist. Without wrapping up the wire rope into chaos, also there is no limit on the height of climbing in theory and in practice.
2. Hoist
The reliability of the hoist is ensured, and its service life is long.
3. Safety rope and safety lock
Two safety ropes are set independently. The suspended platform installs safety locks. When the platform tilts, the hoist system automatically acquires major faults; meanwhile, the safety locks will block the wire ropes to ensure the safety of the operator and workers.
4. Combination of the basket
According to customers’ different requirements, the work platform can be combined in different shapes such as U-shape, circle-shape, fan-shape, etc.
5. Multiple flexible suspension mechanism
The suspension mechanism is applicable to different types of roofs and convenient to deliver building materials.
6. Convenient and reliable electric control system
The electric control system is equipped with protection switches; operators can choose single- machine operation or two-machine operation system. It is equipped with movable operation box, external power box and limit equipment against going up dangerously.
7. Reasonable designed structure and attractive appearance
The steel structure applies thin-wall of rectangle steel pipe, compact and rational designed.
Our advantage
Depending on the needs of the user, Our company has been through professional quality system certification,Installation qualification certificate,safety production license,production certificate.Environmental management system certification,occupational health and safety management system certification and CE、UCS certificate.
*Our professional R&D and QC team can strictly control the product quality to meet your requirement.
*We have a professional sales team to provide you quick and warm service throughout the whole process.
*Customized according to needs:We are customized according to customer demand,, to meet customer needs at any time.
*Continuous research and development of new products: For the development of international market, our company is to make two breakthroughs, namely network and service.and improve the production quality to meet the higher requirements of the client.
1. Q:If i will need to stay in your place for few days, is that possible to book the hotel for me?
A:It’s always our pleasure, hotel booking service is available.
2. Q:How is your goods quality?
A:We cooperated with many world class companies for many years,. our products received good response from our customers.
3. Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A:Our products for one-two year warranty and life long maintenance.Platform For Vertical Shaft price

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